Ziua 20 / Day 20

„7. Last, but not least, I love my child and my child loves me, as you may hear her in the recordings from the end of 2016 and 2017, posted on
This is not, by any extent an extraordinary thing, and I am not by any means a special mother but rather a normal one and Hana is a normal child, exactly as God created us. It is not her fault, nor mine that many people involved in our case are desensitized, biased by prejudices, deceived by corrupted individuals, like the Romanian consul Miclea Sorin Marius and the Romanian Ambassador Coman Constantin Mihail and others from the Romanian MAE.
Hana and I do not have to suffer for being normal. She doesnt have to be coerced thru violence and abuses to state abnormal and absurd things, like that she doesnt love her mom, nor her maternal family and that she does not want to return home, to Romania, as mere fake excuses to deny us any contact – these abuses prove, once more, that she is not held in Saudi Arabia legally and she is forced to speak and act against her true feelings and wishes and against Islam commandments regarding the obligation of Muslims to keep their blood ties.
Hence, please inform His Majesty about my legitimate request for Hana's immediate repatriation. I never asked to be believed against anyone else but only facts and evidences to be taken in consideration, still they have been overlooked or completely ignored for more than 6 years, by Saudi and Romanian authorities alike.
I am completely certain that His Majesty, if correctly and promptly informed, can make sure that Hana arrives home safely within hours.
This is why I and Hana's maternal grandmother will wait for my child's return in front of the Saudi embassy in Bucharest and the proofs that I have will be posted regularly on the website mentioned previously, facts and proof that have been already provided multiple times, to the Romanian and Saudi authorities as well, during these 6 years since I have been brutally and unlawfully separated from my child, in the yard of the Malaz penitentiary, moments before being detained without official charges, without trial and without sentence.
I do hope that Your Excellency will make the correct decision and His Majesty will find about our case thru the most appropriate channels, not from other sources, as it is not a normal to deny a mother any access to her child, forcing her to beg in the street for her rights to see, embrace, kiss and be part of her little daughter's life, raising her, loving her, taking care of the child who she carried for 9 month, gave birth to, breastfed, lovingly and devotedly raised for 7 years and a half, as she would still do if they would not have been savagely separated, thru the child kidnapping and sequestration and the illegal imprisonment of the mother.


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