Ziua 17 / Day 17

„6. Hana is a Romanian citizen, by birth from a Romanian mother. The Romanian citizenship being her primary and only legally obtained citizenship, thru the sheer physiological act of birth.
As Saudi Arabia is known to strictly follow Islam, it is obvious from Its commandments that a child has to aquire, as his/her primary citizenship, his/her mother's citizenship, simply because the act of birth is a God given attribute to the women – this reality, along with pregnancy and breast feeding entitles mothers with 3 times more rights than the fathers. This is the perfect and indisputable design of God and the imperfect man made laws of citizenship have to improve and submit to this aspect, as well.
In this particular case, Hana is a Romanian minor/child and as Saudi Arabia does not accept/recognize dual citizenship, it can and has to cancel Hana's Saudi one, not to deny and trample her birth right to be Romanian. When she will be an adult, if she so desires, she can ask for it.
Furthermore, as we all know, without an Islamic marriage contract Hana's father has no right even to give her his family name, hence neither his citizenship. Hana has the family name Al Otaiby, as a result of the Romanian civil marriage of her parents, in 25 of July 2003. Since then my name is Al Otaiby as well.
As a Romanian citizen and as a minor she has to be in Romania, her custody has to be decided here, during or following the divorce of her parents, in a civil court, under the same civil laws that govern our marriage and that give Hana the status of a legitimate child.
She has her mother and her maternal family here, in Romania, who accepted, received and loved her from her birth, she has a home where she grew, she was not raised in hotels, like in Saudi Arabia, where her paternal grandparents and family did not accept her, except when they decided that she has to be separated from me, as retaliation for my police complaint against my husband's abuses and violence towards us.
Moreover, in the capacity of a Romanian citizen, my child's presence here is required by law, as soon as possible, because her Romanian ID card has to be issued, as she will be 14 years old, in less than a month.”


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