Ziua 11 / Day 11

„2. Hana's father did not qualify to request her custody in front of any Islamic court, as he is not married to me under the Islamic commandments and law provisions – he and I did not sign an Islamic marriage contract.
As such, under Islam, he has no paternal rights, he is not mahram, nor male guardian to Hana but merely a stranger. Every Muslim knows that any child born outside an Islamic marriage contract is considered an illegitimate child and his/her physical and legal custody rests solely with his/her mother.
Our civil marriage, concluded under Romanian civil laws, is against the Islamic provisions regarding the rights and obligations of spouses, mahr payment, bigamy/poligamy, inheritance rights, divorce, custody of children etc. and we all know that everything that contravenes Islam is not accepted in Saudi Arabia, let alone the most important contract that a Muslim man signs in his life.
This is why Mr. Al Otaiby is still legally married to me, the Talaq he pronounced has no legal value, nor legal power to cancel a civil marriage.
More than that, pronouncing Talaq against a civil marriage is a crime committed with the propose of deceit.”


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